Airfield Information

Airport identity CYSN  
Airport Name Niagara District Airport (listed as ST. CATHARINES/NIAGARA DISTRICT in the Canada Flight Supplement)  
Airport Category Certified Airport  
Nearest Communities Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold  
Province ONTARIO  
Latitude (N): 43° 11 30”
Longitude (W): 79° 10 18"
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart Yes  
Airport Elevation 321 feet ASL  
Magnetic Variation 11° W  
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3):
Number: 06-24 01-19 11-29
Length: 5000 feet 2500 feet 2000 feet
Width: 100 feet 75 feet 75 feet
Surface All runways are asphalt  
Night Flying Yes  
Hours Open 7 days a week, 24 hours/day, 365 days/yr  
Maintained Year Round Yes  
Runway Lights Yes - Operator 1215-02Z. Other times ARCAL type K on 123.25  
Flight Planning

London FIC (866) WXBRIEF
When FSS closed, pilots to open/close VFR flt pln and obtain IFR clearances contact London rdo 126.7 or by tel. To file an IFR arr report ctc Toronto Centre (888) 217-1241 or if unable via rdo.

Pilot information kiosk available at St. Catharines Flying Club 14-23Z (DT 12-24Z)

Radio Communications
MF rdo 123.25 1215-02Z 5NM 3300 ASL
ATF tfc 123.25 02-1215Z 5NM 3300 ASL
ATIS   128.525 1215-02Z  
Published Approaches NDB 06
GPS 24
Telephone on the Airport Yes  
Customs Airport Entry Yes  

Landing Fees (Itinerant Aircraft Only)

All aircraft under 4,000 kg. (8,800 lbs.) are exempt

Aircraft Maximum All-up Weight (MAW)

4,000 kg-13,630 kg (8,800 lbs-30,000 lbs) $57.50
Over 13,630 kg (30,000 lbs.) $115.00

Terminal Fees $5.00

Airport Improvement Fees $20.00

Note 1: Harmonized Sales Tax(HST) will be added at the prevailing rate

Aircraft Parking Rates*

A/C Weight Less than 2,999 kg 3,000 - 4,999 kg 5,000 - 9,999 kg 10,000 - 19,999 kg 20,000 - 44,999 kg

45,000 kg and up

Daily/Overnight Ramp: $10.00 $3.30/1000 kg $3.60/1000 kg $3.90/1000 kg $4.20/1000 kg $4.50/1000 kg

Fuel required waving
24 hour ramp parking

Any 120 Litres 300 Litres 750 Litres 1000 Litres 1500 Litres
Overnight Tie-Down: $15 $20         --------                  --------        ----------        ---------
Monthly Tie-Down2: $90 $125 $160 $230 ---------- ---------

Note1: Aircraft parked on ramp for 1+ hours are subject to ramp fees

Note 2: Monthly rate will only apply to aircraft with a valid signed agreement.

Note 3: Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be added at the prevailing rate.

Note 4: Parking fees for the first night will be waved with a purchase of the specified fuel.

Note 5: Parking rates apply to itinerant aircraft and locally based aircraft where hangar space for the aircraft has not been leased by the operator.


Contact Allied Aviation at 905-684-3600

Airport Management Daniel Pilon, CEO Tel: 905-684-7447 ext 11
Cliff Reinhart, Manager Airside/Groundside Services Tel: 905-933-0682
Airport E-mail  
Location information For flights over Niagara Falls, please see mandatory procedures in the CFS. 

Glider flying in the vicinity Apr-Jun and Sep-Nov. 

General location map
Google sat photo