Serving Niagara Businesses

Serving the Niagara Business Community

The Niagara District Airport is a great resource for Niagara Region firms. Large corporations frequently inform region authorities that the presence of Niagara District Airport is an essential part of their decision to remain or locate in Niagara.

From shipping products to providing landing facilities for corporate aircraft, the airport supplies a much needed transportation facility.

Our 5,000-foot runway can land large corporate aircraft, and many major companies in the area depend on this capability for time-critical movement of both people and goods.

For Dispatch Managers we provide 24-hour customs clearance 365 days each year.

Need Land to Start or Expand a Business?

Niagara District Airport offers access to major highways into the United States and across Canada, and is placed right in the centre of the largest market in the continent.

The Niagara District Airport offers big city amenities and a small-town atmosphere. The Niagara Peninsula has a trained and experienced workforce and enjoys an attractive climate.

The airport encompasses an area of 130 hectares (321 acres) in which several areas have been designated for airside and groundside development.

Airside Commercial Development

The Airport is currently planning for future development. If you have a business opportunity or would like a private hangar located at the Niagara District Airport, please bring it to the attention of  the Airport CEO, so it can be discussed in our future planning.

We have 5.3 hectares (12 acres) of airside land available that is adjacent to and has direct access to the operational side of the airport, i.e. aircraft can access business premises or businesses operating from hangars. Any aviation business that needs to be sited on an airport, or would benefit from location in an established Business Air Park with eight aviation businesses on-site would be welcome.

We are particularly interested in attracting the following:

  • Avionics shop
  • Aircraft exterior paint shop
  • Aircraft interior re-furbishing

This would also make an ideal location for an ultralight manufacturer.

Groundside Development

We also have 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres) of land that is adjacent to the field, but does not offer direct access to the operational side of the airport. This land would be of interest to light commercial businesses requiring proximity to one of the surrounding municipalities.

The airport is zoned by the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake as "aviation related". Suitable groundside uses would include; aviation related commercial, industrial, manufacturing and assembly and recreational facilities.

Larger Development Areas

There are two additional land development opportunities surrounding the field, both of which offer direct access. One area encompasses 8.9 hectares (22.0 acres) on the north side of the field. The other consists of 7.8 hectares (19.4 acres) in the extreme south-west of the airport site.

All land is available on a term lease basis, and rates are competitively structured.

Locating in the Niagara Region

Locating a business in the Niagara region offers several advantages:

  • Niagara is an ideal North American location for aerospace firms
  • We are at the centre of the largest economic region in North America
  • Easy access to US markets
  • The region boasts the balmiest climate in Ontario and has a wonderful and unique lifestyle
  • There is a an educated workforce (including French-speaking)
  • There is financial assistance available to help companies in relocation

The Niagara Economic Development Corporation offers a variety of services

Venture Niagara can provide lending for initial business start-up requirements

Competitive Rates

All land is available on a land lease basis, at a cost that is very competitive for this part of the peninsula.

To discuss potential land use, and find out whether our airport location meets your needs, please contact:

Daniel Pilon

Chief Executive Officer
Tel 905 684 7447 ext.103