US Pilots Airport Of Entry Information

Flying into Canada

For US pilots flying into Canada, the procedure is not as simple as it used to be. You must now be enrolled in eAPIS (Electronic Advance Passenger Information System) and receive clearance to depart the U.S. and also to return to the US. Information may be obtained from the US. Customs and Border Protection Services.  Make yourself thoroughly familiar with the requirements of eAPIS before you leave the US.

Niagara District Airport is an official Canadian Airport of Entry. Canadian Customs/Immigration service is available 24 hours, seven days a week on a call-out basis by Dialing (888) 226-7277 two hours prior to your arrival. Customs staff attend the airport to carry out random spot checks and may or may not meet your plane. A valid US passport is required for returning to the U.S.

Some US pilots wanting to visit the Niagara Falls (and view them from the Canadian side), land at Niagara Falls (US) Airport and drive across the border, facing a real possibility of road bridge customs delays in both directions. Flying directly into Niagara District Airport is much the better option.

Returning to the United States

Returning US pilots must re-enter the US through a US Airport of Entry. If your home base is not an Airport of Entry, then plan to touch down at a location with Customs/Immigration en route home – Niagara Falls (US) and Buffalo both provide entry officials. Don't forget to submit your information through eAPIS (Advance Passenger Information System) before you return to the US.  For more information on eAPIS, go to - click on Private Flyers under Travel.

You will require a Homeland Security Decal for display on your aircraft – these are available on-line for an annual fee at - click on Travel and scroll down to User Fee Decals and Transponders.

You will also need to complete a US Customs Form 178 for the trip, listing your and your passenger nationalities. These are available on-line at - click on Forms.