Niagara District Airport Announces Dan Pilon as Chief Executive Officer

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, March 23, 2021 – The Niagara District Airport Commission (NDAC) today 
announced that Dan Pilon has been named as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Pilon has been serving as 
interim CEO on a secondment from the Niagara Region since February 2018. 

Pilon has 20 years of experience with the Niagara Regional government providing strategic 
communication and business support services. He has been an advisor to the Regional Chair and CAO, 
managing multi-million dollar budgets and liaising with all levels of government. 

“Dan has proven to be the right leader for the Niagara District Airport,” said Robin Garrett, Chair of the 
Commission. “Dan’s diverse experience enables him to see the big picture opportunity for growth at our 
airport. We believe his strong connections across the Niagara Region will help NDA secure the 
governance structure and financial investment required to maximize our potential.” 

“The airport has an important role to play in supporting key business areas in Niagara, and we have lots 
of work to do in building upon the prior efforts of the Commission,” highlighted Pilon. “We’re all looking 
forward to the days when travel and tourism can return, and the value that all transportation 
connections play will only be magnified. We hope to ensure Niagara District Airport is well positioned to 
take advantage of our location and existing facility as we chart our future path.” 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for both the aviation and tourism sectors. The 
Niagara District Airport has seen a 39% decrease in movements over the past year. Demonstrating 
nimbleness and innovation will be a key aspect of opportunities at the airport, such as rebuilding 
scheduled service opportunities to key areas such as downtown Toronto, and continuing to support 
businesses at NDA with growing and expanding business models. 

The Niagara Region is currently undertaking a master plan for the airport that will provide a 20-year 
vision for growth. Opportunities include building hangars on the 50 acres of available land to house 
aviation related businesses and private aircraft, as well as expanding the terminal building and airside 
assets to accommodate increased charter scheduled service. 

About the Niagara District Airport 
The Niagara District Airport has recently celebrated 90 years of operations, meeting the needs of the 
business and aviation communities in Niagara. The NDAC’s vision is to be the Region’s hassle-free 
aviation hub offering VIP service to leisure and business travellers, and recreational flyers. Nestled in 
among the vineyards of Niagara-on-the-Lake, within view of the engineering marvel of the Welland 
Canal, and minutes away from Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario, the airport supports the continued 
growth of the tourism industry in Niagara through greater connectivity. 

Robin Garrett, Chair