Niagara District Airport conduct emergency exercise

A plane crash is a nightmare for anyone, and thanks to a planned emergency simulation of a major aircraft accident at the Niagara District Airport on Saturday, emergency personnel from the area are better equipped to handle an emergency should one arise.
The emergency exercise was put on to comply with Canadian Aviation regulations to test the airport emergency plans by conducting a full-scale exercise at least once every four years. A tabletop exercise is conducted each year in which no full-scale exercise is held. 
The purpose is to test the airport emergency response plan.
The simulated emergency was set up as if it were real with a media briefing held to inform them that the FSS Niagara District called in an accident at 9:45 a.m., which involved two four-seater planes. Injuries or fatalities were not known at that time, with a potential of nine people on board. The accident occurred on Runway 0624.
As the even unfolded, media were kept up-to-date to inform the public on what was occurring.
The simulated crash saw two people being airlifted, one a level one injury and one a level two injury. The National Transportation Safety Board were coming out to investigate the crash. There were no fatalities. 
At the time they weren’t able to provide an explanation of what happened until a full-scale investigation was made. The airport remained operational during the exercise.
The mock crash saw participants from the Niagara District Airport, Niagara Regional Police, Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire Services, Niagara Regional EMS, Philip Van Manen, project manager, Fox Aviation, Eagle Rock Aviation Civil Air Rescue Emergency Service (CARES) and the St. Catharines flying club.